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Awards & Honours
– Winner of the ‘Young British Photographer of the Year’
  (Awarded by The Guild of British Picture Editors)  

– Winner of the Tom Hopkinson Bursary
  (Awarded by The Independent Newspaper, London) 

– World Press Master Class
  (10 young photographers in the world chosen to participate) 

Books Published
10 Women For The Freedom Of Press 
  (Reporter Ohne Grenzon)

The World Press Master Class 


Work published in 

–  The New York Times (U.S.A.)

–  The Independent (London)

–  The Observer (London)

The Miami Herald (U.S.A.)

–  Liberation (France)

Die Zeit (Germany)

–  El Periodico (Spain), 

The Sunday Tribune (Dublin)

The Irish Times (Dublin)

Cathy studied Documentary Photography at Newport School of Art and Design in Wales where she learnt from the work of David Hurn, Daniel Meadows and Martin Parr.  She is from Ireland and has lived in various places outside of Dublin including Miami, London, Wales, Paris and the south of France. She now lives in Barcelona with her husband and 3 children. She has worked as a documentary photographer for over 30 years.